Adjusting to Motherhood

I started this site to encourage moms through the seasons being a mom can take you through. Like a marriage that goes through seasons, motherhood does as well. Adjusting to anything in life can be difficult, but having help and support along with way makes a new change that much easier to get use to your “new normal”.

The First Trimester, the “excitement” phase. That initial phase where you find out that you’re pregnant. The initial shock, excitement and paranoia that rushes through your body daily. The moments when everything you feel going on with your body, you find yourself looking up on the internet. The moments when you’re going through the initial symptoms of being pregnant. The First Trimester. The period where you’re planning what kind of mother you want to be, what you want to teach your child and how you plan on being the best mom you can be to this new life that is growing inside of you. The First Trimester. Where you’re planning gender reveal parties, baby showers and his or her nursery. The excitement of the new addition that is soon to come.

The Second Trimester, the “reality” phase. Your baby is here. You planned on having a natural birth and ended up having an emergency C-section. You planned on being in the hospital for 3 days and ended up being there for 5. You heard from other parents their stories of their child being so “easy”. Right from the beginning, their child was sleeping good through majority of the night, baby didn’t have colic or any sickness when they were born. You realize that this new life is totally dependent on you. You’re trying to distinguish the difference between there cries. Are they tired, hungry, or wet?? You don’t know so you go down the checklist to see what could possibly be it.

Do you have time for yourself? Do you even know what it means to pamper yourself? To treat yourself to a hair appt, nail appt or just a walk around the neighborhood. Your new reality is beginning to set in. Do you have help? Is your spouse supportive? How do you adjust to motherhood?

The Third Trimester, “The Planning/Helping” phase. Getting help and support (paid or free) is an invaluable resource that’s important to helping you adjust to motherhood. Whether it’s your first or fifth, we all need help and assistance to make it through. Letting down pride and realizing that you are not alone, you are not the only one whose gone through this and won’t be the last should help provide some sort of relief to reach out for help. You need it! You need to get sleep, you need to socialize with other people besides the baby, you need to go out for a walk, get a haircut, nails done etc. You need that time.

Adjusting to mom life this second time around was difficult for me. My first child was so “easy”. I didn’t have any issues when she was a baby. My second child on the other hand, oh my goodness, I feel like I went through it all. From the emergency C-section, to ICU, to not knowing if I was going to bring him home in time for Christmas. From being hospitalized again just a few weeks later for RSV, taking so much time off work, I definitely experienced that each child is different, but through it all, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I would do it all over again.

Being a mom is one of the best opportunities I could have ever imagined. Adjusting to mom life can be difficult, but with support, it definitely makes the load feel a little lighter.