5 Ways to overcome postpartum baby blues

You’ve had your baby now what? Suddenly you feel stressed, overwhelmed, happy, sad, unprepared and unorganized. This life changing event that has brought you so much joy at the same time also brought on a new feeling of the unknown. How do you move past these feelings? How do you move past postpartum baby blues?

When I had both my children I felt this way. When I had my first child, I was in college and didn’t have a clue. When other people were thinking about partying or pledging, I was studying, working and trying to care for my daughter and everything else in between. When I had my son, 14 years later, I was even more lost and unprepared the second time around. My mind was on preparing my daughter for college and entrance exams and now I’m trying to figure out what the heck is hand foot mouth virus and why does my child have so many ear infections, lol.

“When I had my son, 14 years later, I was even more lost and unprepared the second time around”

 In both of my situations and at very different stages of life, the feelings of being happy one moment and then tears coming down your face and you can’t explain why the next was my reality. I was overwhelmed, stressed and didn’t know what to do. I would like to offer you a few suggestions to help if you or someone you know are in similar situations.

  • Ask for help. Friends and Family. This is the time to speak up. Your friends and family know that having a baby is a lot. If they offer or you call and ask, it’s ok. Speak up. It took me a few weeks to really listen to this one. My husband was helpful, but if family and friends offer to come watch the baby while you get a nap. Take advantage.


  • Hire a Postpartum Doula. I didn’t know these angels existed, but after being by myself during the day not having anyone that’ll talk back to me (lol) or really understood how I was feeling, I knew there had to be people out there that could help. These angels are sent to help new families adjust to new baby life. Providing techniques, light cleaning, light housekeeping, emotional and physical support. The cost of services can range anywhere between $15-50 per hr. depending on the package and services offered and can assist for days or weeks after you come home with baby. I would recommend finding a Doula certified through Dona International www.dona.org or CAPPA www.cappa.net


  • Join a support group. There are so many support groups online and in your area, the help is there. I would get suggestions from your OB/GYN or the hospital that you’re delivering at.


  • Speak to a counselor. It may sound cliché, but talking it out with a counselor can begin to help you release so many of the feelings that you have but really couldn’t verbalize in words. Many companies have employee assistance programs that provide this service a no cost to you. Many times, they cover a certain number of sessions.


  • Get out and go for a walk. Fresh air and sunshine does something refreshing for the body and soul. It’ll make you feel good from the inside out. Go for a walk or run!

Having a baby brings on feelings that we didn’t know existed. We have so many plans for our new life that feelings of failure, confidence and self-worth begin to take root within. One thing I’ve realized is that I’m not alone and you’re not either. It’s easy to believe you are, but you’re not. There’s help available to assist you. Use the suggestions above to help you move past the “blues” and begin to be the confident, strong mom you are.